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A Year of Warfare Worship

2017 has been an exciting year thus far. It is associated with the Hebraic year 5777, which symbolises completeness! This is the year the sword of the Lord will contend for the wells of revival to spring forth on the earth, and it is one of warfare worship!

We started the year with seven days of prayer and fasting, during which Pastor Steven received the call to push back the darkness that is covering the island of Singapore. This call paved the way for the 22 messages focusing on prayer that were released, propelling us to a new awareness and instilling within us an urgency to war in prayer for us and our nation's destiny.

Are you Prepared?

Having spoken to a few regular attendees of our monthly revival meeting, Warriors Training Camp, I was heartened to hear that the ministry they received month after month had indeed made an impact on their lives. It is a rewarding journey where the end-time warriors are being prepared and trained to be ready for battle.

Over the past years, there has been an acceleration and a building up of momentum towards the completion of Kingdom purposes and the fulfillment of the times. The Lord is establishing those of us in Jesus My King Church and Warriors Training Camp by equipping us with warfare skills and prophetic anointing. My desire and prayer is that our hearts will be fully prepared and ready to receive the soon coming King, Jesus Christ, and the reward He will give to each of us according to what we have done.

Bro Barnabas

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