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Dear Partners & Friends of Rivers of Life,

Greetings in Jesus Name.I thank the Lord for His goodness in all of our lives and families.

The last month has been a very fruitful and demanding month for me as well as for you as many would have gone for holidays and church camp. Travelling tires us more than the holiday itself. Together with my family, I ministered in the Open Heavens Conference in Egypt and Israel. Then to Malacca, church camp, Singapore Youth Seminar, Ipoh Conference and tomorrow I will be in Chennai India for 2 days teaching in School of Prophets.

If it was not was the grace of God and the prayers of the saints I would have melted. The Lord enabled me by His power and grace.

Warriors Training Camp - July 10,11, 2017

Theme: Condition of our Faith - Is it Endtime Ready?

In Israel, the Lord showed me many things about the endgames. One specific area is the Condition of our Faith - Is it Endtime Ready?

My heart is burdened and heavy at the thought whether we are ready to face the challenges of the end times. I am encouraging each of you to put off your other appointments and join me for this Warriors Training Camp meeting on July 10,11, 2017.

I will be ministering together with Ps Melvyn David on the importance of sharpening out faith for Endtime challenges. The enemy has no chance to stand against the Warrior Bride who anticipates the challenge. Boldness will cover you and fill you with the Lord's presence.

Come next week with a desire to seek the Lord and His Presence will strengthen you! Looking forward to seeing you and minister to you and family.

God Bless

Your brother,

Steven Francis

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