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MISSION: Our call is to raise up sons and daughters who will become worshipping disciples tom give glory to God.

School of Worship Module one Subjects: 


Foundational Studies 

The foundation of the “what, why, when, where and how” we worship God. This subject will give a better understanding and perception about worship the very heart of it.

  • Biblical Framework of Worship

    Character/Worship/Ministry Development

    A very practical study on how worship makes us to be all God desires us to become. Discipline is a very important component if we want to stay anointed and to host His presence.  Becoming a holy and consecrated vessel is very critical for the Spirit and God’s presence to dwell in us.

  • Inner Heart Devotion and Ministry to Jesus/ Worshiping Disciple
  • Humility of the Worshiper
  • Progressive Growth and Anointing
  • The Anointed Worship
  • Pitfalls of Fame and Attention
  • Preparation to minister openly
  • Prayer and Fasting

    Prophetic Worship

    It is crucial in any season to hear the voice of God. Revelations are given to people who know how to worship God in spirit and truth.

  • Worship Warrior
  • Principles of Intimacy Through Tabernacle Part 1, 2 and 3
  • Intercessory Worship
  • Worship and hearing from God/Prophecy


    As a disciple who worships God our Father, doing what the Father does must be one of our top priority. How to do it? Be trained not just in the mind and heart but also by doing the actual work God has called us to do as worshipers.

  • Unity in worship and worship team
  • Jamming session
  • How skills Affects the Way We Lead Worship