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Transformed by the Spirit & Faith of the Warriors

Product Code: USB32018
Weight: 498.96g
Dimensions: 11.43cm x 17.78cm x 0.76cm

Price: S$25.00

This year is a Year of Spiritual Transformation. You will hear the revelations with Pastor Steven Francis the shift that will take place in the heavenlies. Many prophecies and encounters of heaven was shared. The Lord is raising an army of transformed disciples. The tangible presence of God will touch you as you open your heart to the Word of The Lord.
The Faith of the Warriors is to exercise a greater level of authority and power in the life of the believer. For long the enemy has distracted us, the army of God with the cares of this world, personal issues, and if you don't give in - create spiritual challenges. Without overcoming - the army has been dragging its feet to church. God is raising an army whose eyes are open in the Spirit. They know and are commanded to exercise their divine rights and privileges of redemption.
In this series, Prophet and Pastor Steven Francis has shared the revelation to strengthen our walk in the Spirit and rise up to the challenge. God will anoint you afresh when you walk this journey of faith.
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