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The Secrets of Prevailing Prayer & Push the Darkness

Product Code: USB42018
Weight: 498.96g
Dimensions: 11.43cm x 17.78cm x 0.76cm

Price: S$25.00

There are 22 powerful and life-transforming sermons on the principles of prayer. Regardless of what your challenges are, prayer to God will build you up and empower you to push back the darkness. This is the all-time best selling title to-date.
  1. Psalms 18 - Declaration of Who God Is
  2. Psalms 81 (Part 1-3)
  3. Everyday in Prayer Will Set You Free
  4. Accessing Windows of Revelation Through Prayer
  5. The Windows of Prayer
  6. Everyday in Your Covenant Through Prayer
  7. Planted by God
  8. Prayer Releases the Light of Christ
  9. Prayer Restores the Saint
  10. Principles of the Kingdom
  11. Recover and Redeem What You have Lost Through Prayer
  12. Transformation Through Prayer
  13. The Power of God in You (Part 1-2)
  14. Satan Against the Watchman (Part 1-2)
  15. Pushing Back the Darkness (Part 1-4)
  16. 22 sermons | MP3 | 1,584 mins
  17. This is a digital product for download only.
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