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The Secrets of Prevailing Prayer & Push the Darkness

There are 22 powerful and life-transforming sermons on the principles of prayer. Regardless of what your challenges are, prayer to God will build you up and empower you to push back the darkness.


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Transformed by the Spirit & Faith of the Warriors

This year is a Year of Spiritual Transformation. You will hear the revelations with Pastor Steven Francis the shift that will take place in the heavenlies. Many prophecies and encounters of heaven was shared. The Lord is raising an army of transformed disciples.


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Prophets Conference 2019

The Prophets' Conference is a platform raised by God for His prophets in the region to declare and articulate His Word, revealing His mind for the season that is advancing the Church.


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Fire in My Bones

This is a compilation of 23 audio messages that are specially selected to spur us towards a deeper walk with God, that we may take hold of our spiritual destiny and mature as sons and daughters of the King.
23 sermons | MP3 | 1,616mins


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Anointing & Fragrance

The Lord Jesus said, "He has My anointing but not My fragrance. Fragrance comes only when you are broken." The Lord pays detailed attention to the hearts of men and women regardless of the size of their ministry.


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The Prophets - Strategies & Training in the School of the Spirit

In this important book of the making of prophets, Steven Francis establishes the revelation of The Seven Thousand Company. The army of prophets that God is raising up all over the world. These will be a new breed who will walk in the power of the Spirit.


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A Year Of Covenanted Favour

This year is a year of favour for God's covenanted people. This is the word of the Lord in this season. God has given us yet another year to be faithful for us to receive the end time assignments.


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The Endtimes Outpouring with Bundle

Discover the many endtime events the Lord has revealed to Steven Francis through visions and visitations.